About foundry

Duro Dakovic Trade d.o.o. - Foundry

The production of casts at the foundry started in 1922 with the production of railroad vaggons at "DURO DAKOVIC" plant. At that time foundry produced engine blocks, cylinder heads and other important engine parts made of iron cast metal.

Annual production amounts to 4.000 tons of iron cast metal. The weight of casts ranges from 50 up to 12.000 kg with the quality ranging from EN-GJL-150 up to EN-GJL-350 and EN-GJS-400 up to EN-GJS-700 weight from 15 kg up to 5.000 kg.

Apart from standard qualities, foundry also produces casts matching customers' specific requirements.

Casts manufactured at the plant are applied in:

  • motor industry,
  • industry of agricultural and construction machinery,
  • chemical and railroad industry.